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Welcome to this week’s link roundup. Catch up on on the latest with MAAWS and developments in Bangladesh and the rest of the world.

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WE WON A HUMAN RIGHTS AWARD!: A very unexpected surprise from the United Movement of Human Rights. We could not be more grateful to UMHR and our supporters.


OECD upgrades Bangladesh country rating by one notch (Reuters): Amazing news for Bangladesh’s economy! A higher OECD rating now categorizes Bangladesh as a new frontier market, rather than a nation highly dependent on development aid. Bangladesh is officially a lower-middle income country.

Disaster training in Bangladesh: What to do when the earth starts shaking (Christian Science Monitor): “Approximately 72,000 buildings would collapse if an earthquake of 7.5 magnitude struck Dhaka, according to a 2004 CDMP study. However, it says a few simple drills and simple measures learned by ordinary people could save many lives.”

Bangladesh: Promise and Performance (The Daily Star):  Review of Promise and Performance reproduces ten papers that were presented at the 1996 “Bangladesh at 25” conference at Columbia University. The book assesses Bangladesh’s performance in various sectors during the first quarter of a century (1971-1995) of its existence as a sovereign independent country. The anthology is segmented into five parts, namely, Introduction, Politics, Society, Economy, and Bangladesh in the New Millennium.

Oral vaccine seen working in real-life trial against cholera in Bangladesh (Japan Times): A new research trial in Bangladesh has found that Shanchol, an inexpensive, oral vaccine for cholera is pretty effective.

Arsenic Contamination of Groundwater (RPubs): Really cool maps of Arsenic Ground Water in 1998-1999 using data from the DPHE/BGS National Hydrochemical Survey from the British Geographical Surgery.

Mobile Phone Money Services Soar in Bangladesh (Wall Street Journal):  Very interesting video on the increasing use of mobile money services to send remittances back to Bangladesh.

Climate Change-Ready Rice Keeps Farmers’ Fields Fertile (NPR): A look at how climate change and increasing saline water affects agriculture and cultivation of rice in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh’s Very Public Toilet Crisis (New York Times): To keep people from urinating on buildings and walls, Bangladesh’s Ministry of Religious Affairs has started to write in Arabic Script on the walls. A very interesting campaign and highlights the public sanitation crisis in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh-based poverty group founder wins World Food Prize (US News):  Congratulations to Fazle Hasan Abed, founder of BRAC for winning the 2015 World Food Prize Award!

Bangladesh’s Health Revolution (The Lancet): A paper by World Food Prize Winner, Fazle Hasan Abed, on Bangladesh’s health development since the ’80s.

Journal of the Islamic Medical Association of North America: Interested in original research articles, review articles, updates and case reports, articles dealing with medical ethics and the history of medicine? Check out the Journal of the Islamic Medical Association of North America.


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