Sewing Training School

The Sewing Training Project started in 2002 as a response to seeing families trapped in the cycle of poverty. There are little job opportunities for women in rural areas of Bangladesh due to a combination of economic, cultural and societal barriers.

The Sewing Training Project is a three month training course that teaches students every step of the garments production including:

  • Marking
  • Cutting
  • Stitching
  • Embroidery
  • Quality Control
  • Packing

After completing the course, many students are training with the skills and knowledge to join the workforce in the local garments market. Training with the project has given many women a stable source of income to support their families and school fees. For many it is the only source of income for their families. In 2009, the monthly income for one woman was an average of three to five thousand taka (38.57- 64.29 USD).

Since starting the program, over 1400 participants around the Earpur area have completed the MAAWS Sewing Training Program (as of January 2015).


Village: Earpur, Upazilla: Senbag, Noakhali, Bangladesh
Tel: 011-880- 183- 863- 6698; email: