USA Doctor Visits Sonargoan

In an area of destitute families, Sonargoan is famous for its traditional jamdhani-sari making. Dr. Saleh Sarwar, a cardiologist from Newburgh, New York, USA, visited the MAAWS/IMANA pure drinking water project site in Sonargaon, in the District of Narayangonj.

After the devastating flood in late 2007, MAAWS took an initiative to provide a permanent supply of clear drinking water in the flood zones in Bangladesh. Finding clean drinking water turned to be a catastrophe. Poor sanitation and drinking water cause medical conditions such as dehydration, diarrhea, cholera and waterborne disease.

MAAWS Payback Oppurtunity is building a bridge within expatriate experts to share their knowledge to build their homeland under the MAAWS program, “Health for Villagers ®”.