Computer Learning Center

Many students with higher academic degrees remain unemployed and in poverty in Bangladesh because they lack the necessary computer skills needed in today’s working world. On top of school and living expenses, it’s very hard to go to computer classes in cities.

In an effort to get more young people from rural villages to­ learn the skills they need to succeed in the professional world, MAAWS started a computer school in 2002 in Earpur, Senbagh, Noakhali, Bangladesh.

Through word of mouth, the Windows of the World ® center has grown to train more than one hundred students who are now working for employers including schools, businesses and pharmaceutical companies.

We hope to start a new computer center and add more training programs including computer science classes in addition to the current Microsoft Office Suite class. Plans for a calling center are in place so students can learn and earn in the global market within reach.


Village: Earpur, Upazilla: Senbag, Noakhali, Bangladesh
Tel: 011-880- 183- 863- 6698; email: