HIV/AIDS Seminar In Noakhali, Bangladesh

MAAWS arranged a seminar on HIV/AIDS in conjunction with IMANA in front of an Earpur High School in Senbagh, Noakhali. Local doctors from Noakhali Hospital talked about awareness, prevention, education, and the consequences of HIV/AIDS and diabetes management. Local religious groups were thankful to MAAWS for openly discussing HIV/AIDS in a conservative community. Neighboring countries, India and Myanmar, have high HIV infections rates. HIV/AIDS is a serious problem that is silently growing. Many on the grassroots level are unawarw of the dangers and consequences of the disease.

Boys and girls scouts performed an awareness skit for the attendees. Chief Guest: Dr. Saleh Sarwar, Newburgh, New York. Special guests included Dr. Saiful Rahman, Professor at National Medical College of Dhaka; Dr. Kamal Uddin, Prof. Swapan Kumar Roy, Dr. ABM Abdul Mutallib, and Dr. Hasina Jahan, MAAWS executives Fakrul Islam, Jahangir Alam, and Shariful Islam. The meeting was presided over by Headmaster of Earpur High School, Mr. Muhammad Ullah.