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About Us

MAAWS for Global, Inc. a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization created in 2000. MAAWS is named after a merchant farmer who lived in Bangladesh and devoted his life to helping others through education, social development and sharing of community resources. MAAWS’ mission is to empower our communities to maintain healthy lifestyles through education, training and outreach programs. Likewise, the goal of this organization is to address the health issues of Cancer, Hepatitis B, Cardiovascular and Surgical Diseases in New York City and the Greater Hudson Valley. These issues are ignored due to cultural, socio-economic and religious differences. It is important these health concerns are addressed as often in ethnic communities.

NYC has an extensive South Asian community that desperately needs the social and educational services provided by MAAWS. We also seek through education and outreach resources to lessen the social stigma and or emotional trauma generally associated with the testing and treatment of these diseases. Bangladeshis have been the fastest growing South Asian community in New York City.

MAAWS, visualizing the consequences of ignorance in our communities, is reacting in order to prevent an alarming tragedy to occur to our loved ones. Education is the key to preventing this catastrophe.


280 Broadway, Newburg, NY 12550

Ph: 1-845-562-7000