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Sonaimuri, Bangladesh

The MAAWS/IMANA Pure Drinking Water & Sanitation Project has expanded into the village of Barahipur in Sonaimuri, Bangladesh. During flood seasons, the land becomes overtaken by the unsanitary water because of its low elevation. To prevent the spread of waterborne diseases and keep drinking water sanitary and accessible all year long, a series of tubes […]

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Flood Relief

MAAWS Bangladesh distributed food and oral saline packets to 350 families in Shatakul, Baddathana (suburbs of Dhaka) with an engine boat. People were desperate for food and supplies that they almost sunk the boat. Victims are waiting for the return of more volunteers to come back with supplies. There were so many people affected by […]

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Devastating Floods Hit Bangladesh

Devastating floods take a toll on Bangladesh as 200 people have died in the past week and these statistics are changing everyday. Thirty-eight Bangladeshi districts have been affected by the flood waters. Many people have been displaced from their homes and are out of adequate supplies such as food and clean water. Local roads and […]

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Congratulations To Nobel Winner

Bangladeshi prominent economist Dr. Muhammad Yunus won the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize. The Grameen Bank, founded by Yunus, gives very small loans to poor Bangladeshis who do not qualify for loans from conventional banks(microcredit). He is known as the “Banker to the Poor”.(His Autobiography) Dr. Yunus is the first Nobel Prize winner from Bangladesh. Dr. […]

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